Today we look into some of the Instagrammers I’ve been following for quite some time and have come to adored right from the very beginning. The world of Instagram is full of creativity and innovative ideas. It takes up half of my time scrolling through various people’s account – I start with one and next thing I know I’ve already scrolled through ten of them. So, let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Amber Rae – Heyamberrae

Amber is the creator of “The World We Want” campaign. It is a public art movement where people give answers to two questions – a. I want to live in a world where… b. To create this world, I will…

It is a great initiative which invokes thought in people about how they can make the world a better place to live. The first wall was displayed in Brooklyn in September 2014. Amber’s Instagram is full of motivation and positive thoughts. Minimalist yet powerful.

Creating #theworldwewant. Thanks @zachspassport for the beautiful capture. 💓 #daf14

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  1. Brigadeirochoc

Lots of food, bottles of pressed juices, beautiful cafes and macarons! Oh and fashion bits in between. Check out the use of macarons in her photos.

  1. David Zinn – Davidzinn

David is an illustrator and street artist who makes use of chalk in his art. He draws small animated characters using chalk on footpaths and roads. These characters are seen playing, fishing, coming out of a crack in the road, peeping through walls and what not.

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  1. Drea – Ohdeardrea

Well, Drea is not really an Instagrammer. She runs a blog – But her pictures on Instagram are too cute to not follow. Her blue couch, her adorable daughter Marlowe (she is so precious), her handsome husband Alex, her beautiful backyard and her love for pizza. Need I say more? Check out her blog as well!

I forgot how happy these photos make me. thanks for reminding me, hannah! ✨ @hmayophoto 📷#marlowehulahoops

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  1. Meagan Cignoli – Meagancignoli

I love this account for its creative videos. From making an apple swan to sending a present through balloons – her account has it all.

How to Send a Present

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  1. We Never Met – wenevermet

“A series of conversations we never had. Short stories created for random strangers whose faces we never get to see”, reads their description. And that is exactly what this account is about. The people behind this account clicks pictures of random strangers from behind, thereby respecting their privacy, and gives a two or three line story to them.

New Year's resolutions. Once more she'll try to accomplish the unimaginable: quit watching Friends.

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  1. Zach Glassman – Zachpassport

“I am the son of a wanderlust mother and a travel-writing father who met on a bus in Guatemala.” His recent trip to Leh left me speechless. Zach so wonderfully captures the essence of every place he visits that it melts my heart and makes me want to travel more.

Well, there you go. Let me know about your favorite Instagram account. I would love to hear some suggestions from you all :)

PS: There are lot many other accounts that I love. I will try to feature them in a different post someday.