YouTube is slowly taking over my life. I am not kidding. It is becoming a problem day by day. From fluffy animals to Jimmy Fallon, I watch it all. But I still love it. And it is during these late night hours of YouTube marathon that I have found some really interesting people and channels. Have a look!


Ever wondered what the life of a ballet dancer looks like? Do they even have a life after all those long hours of practice? What goes in putting up a show? If yes, then this is the perfect series for you. If not, well then, still give it a try :)

city.ballet gives you a glimpse in the glamorous life of a ballet dancer. The series, conceived and produced by the Sex and the City star and the board member of New York City Ballet Sarah Jessica Parker (the reason why I enjoy this series even more), explores the various stories of the dancers of the NYCB.

Every episode is six to eight minutes long and each focuses on a different aspect. The first season begins with the stories of the Corps de ballet dancers and then moves on to the soloists and the principal dancers (If you are wondering what these jazzy words mean, they are the ranks of the dancers in the NYCB company).

You get to see everything – the dance routines, the joy that dance brings to every individual, the tears that come after long exhausting hours of practice (dancing on your toes is no joke!), the romance and the relationships. And it’s not only limited to the dancers. The series also brings the masters, the choreographers and the veterans of NYCB under spotlight.

My favourite episode so far in the series is the one about Swan Lake. The effort that goes in preparing for the role is remarkable. If you ever wanted to learn about this elegant yet powerful art form, this is the series to look forward to. There are two seasons so far which means you’ve got 24 episodes of pure bliss! Oh and also, SJP gives the voice over for few of the episodes (BONUS!).

Vogue – 73 Questions


Oh this is a fun one! And it is what the title suggests – 73 random questions with different celebrities filmed in a single shot. The interview is conducted by the official YouTube channel of Vogue. Now the good thing about this series is that it is not your everyday sit down interview with the celebrity. The camera simply follows the celebrity in his/her routine. There are special appearances, trampoline, little bit of house tour and studio tour and what not. My favourite interviews are those with Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon. So sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn or a bucket of ice-cream and enjoy the show!

JacksGap Skype Series – Following Heart

JacksGap is a YouTube channel run by twin brothers Jack and Finn Harris. They tell stories of not only their lives and travels but also of others. What sets them apart is their passion for life, travel and people. Their video quality shows how much effort they put in to portray the story in its truest form. The channel has produced some very inspiring and adventurous videos previously. Right from their heart-warming visits to South Africa and Sri Lanka, to their crazy stunt of participating in the Rickshaw Run held in India in 2014 riding from one end of India to another on a rickshaw, this duo has done it all.

Following Heart is one such inspiring series produced by JacksGap in collaboration with Skype. With three episodes in the series, each episode revolves around the story of an individual woman, her work and her life to some extent. These women are artists in their own ways. One is a professional violinist and a teacher, another one is a marine biologist and underwater cinematographer (she works for conservation of sharks!!!) and finally, you have a contemporary artist with a traditional painting technique (she uses eggs in her paints).

The series show their work and how Skype has helped them to pursue their passions further and spread their knowledge to the world. Filmed beautifully in the native land of these women, their story is inspiring and makes you want to follow your heart and do whatever the heart wants.

While I had to wait few weeks for the release of every new episode, you can enjoy all the three episodes at one go. Oh and while you’re at it, check out their blog as well!

So there you go, get started! If you have any other series that I should look out for, do let me know :)