Carrie Bradshaw once said “They say nothing lasts forever… Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style”. This thought has stuck with me ever since I first heard it during a late night movie marathon with popcorn and chocolate and ice-cream (I tend to get quite hungry during late nights). And I’ve been fortunate enough to have such two lovely ladies in my life who have always stood right next to me.

What started out as a love-hate relationship has now turned into a beautiful friendship full of love, clothes, long (distance) calls, food (lots of it!), leg pulling (which takes up most of our time) and travelling.

Although we’ve always believed that distance has never been a concern for us, it has really been a bitch sometimes. Not having your best friend a few kilometres away from you really sucks! But whenever we do meet, there is no limit to our happiness. We usually spot the other person from far away, run towards each other and end up hugging and giggling for good five minutes.

And this is exactly what happened when the three of us met this past month when we were off for a trip to Shimla. After going to and fro about where to go for a getaway, we realised that seeing and spending time each other was more important than the place.

And so we picked the first place that came to our mind (actually second, Coorg was our first choice but it didn’t quite work out), booked our tickets, packed our bags and met in Delhi on a hot summer night. The next morning we took an early train to Chandigarh and a taxi from there all the way to Shimla. The four days spent in Shimla was bliss! What follows below is a small glimpse of our little adventure…


Just another beautiful day in Shimla. No big deal!


Soulmate #1


Soulmate #2


The evening sky. No filter.


Christ Church at Mall Road.


I could not figure out the features of the camera. They made fun of me. I got my perfect picture.


“Roll down the windows quickly!”, Soulmate #1 shouted. We ended up with a million such pictures by the end of our trip!


This is Sagar, the most adorable, furry and intelligent yak I’ve ever come across (not that I’ve seen a lot of them!).


Such a cliché picture. I was FORCED to do this!


Ummm, ya…


Green Valley in its full glory :)


This man makes the most tastiest Aloo Tikki I’ve ever tasted!


Everything about this picture is perfect. Clicked at Wake & Bake Cafe.


Late night shenanigans.


Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Beautiful interiors. Rich history.



This. Forever and ever.


Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.



Until the next adventure…