What is Love?

Love is waking up and seeing your family sitting on the table and having tea together. Love is making scrambled eggs for yourself. Love is seeing kids play while waiting for their school bus. Love is rolling down the car windows and feeling the wind. Love is the smell of blooming flowers. Love is coming back home with the smiling face of your watchman. Love is seeing a dog waiting for you at the same place everyday. Love is finding a new song and thinking back to all the good memories. Love is seeing your grandmother sleep. Love is buying that pair of jeans you have been eyeing for the longest time. Love is seeing someone do well in their life. Love is talking to an old friend. Love is making new friends. Love is sharing a smile with a stranger. Love is watching two people fight over things they care for. Love is sharing a cup of tea. Love is ice cream on a bad day. Love is smiling for no reason. Love is a stroll through the garden. Love is a late night drive. Love is reading a new book. Love is unexpected messages from that one person. Love is a good laugh. Love is chaos. Love is a clear blue sky. Love is in every small detail. Love is in every big occasion.

What is Love for you?