HappinessEverdayProject – The project is exactly what it says! I am on a journey of looking for happy moments in my everyday life.

It all started back in November of last year. After 9 months of soul-searching, fighting depression, finding a path for my future and basically, giving a tight slap to myself, I was finally settling into my life. I was content with my job, I was more social than before and the biggest thing of all – I was happy again :)

It was time to forget all things from the past and start afresh! And what better time to start fresh than at the start of a new year! I am not the person who makes resolutions, but this time I made an exception and made a short list of things I wanted to achieve/do in this year. On top of the list was to be happy. No matter how hard times are, there is always something to be happy about. That is what I decided to capture this year – moments/thoughts/people/things that made me happy.

And VOILA – the beginning of HappinessEverdayProject!

Writing down these moments wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a picture that I can always look back to and reminisce about how happy I was on a particular day. Starting the project on Instagram is my way of collecting these memories as well as sharing them with others in the hope that it would make others smile as well! Otherwise, what’s the point of you being happy if you don’t have others to share your feelings? I say, Share the Love :)

One particular instance that inspired me to do this project was when I was sitting at Marine Drive late at night. I clicked a picture of the view in front of me and suddenly a single picture, without any defined subject, made me so very happy.

The idea is not to click picture-perfect moments. Scrolling through my feed, you will see some rushed, bad quality and out of focus photos but having a good quality photo is secondary to me. What’s important is to capture the feeling that makes you happy.

On April 12, I completed 100 days of the project (Woohooo!). It was a big milestone, and one that I celebrated with balloons (of course!), chocolates and dancing and twirling in my room!

The aim is to get through 365 days of the project. I am not sure what happens at the end of the goal but I have a feeling I won’t be ready to close the project just yet :)

As always, I am open to suggestions and feedback!

You can see more of these moments here – HappinessEverydayProject :)