I have always been quite carefree when it comes to other’s opinions about me, especially with my fashion/clothing choices. I have always worn the clothes that I feel extremely comfortable in, even if it isn’t the latest trend.

That being said, I am always open to constructive criticism. Letting others tell me what they think looks good on me gives me a new perspective and it’s always helpful!

So that’s what I did this time – I let others choose an outfit for me. I asked them the following two questions – What outfit would you choose for me and why?

I categorized the people in three groups – Friends, Family and Colleague. Wanna know what the outfit chose for me? Keep on reading!

Best Friends – Riddhi and Srishti (Always!)

Both of my best friends are like one person – How do I know that? They picked the exact same outfit without knowing each other’s preference!

Here’s what Riddhi and Srishti chose for me and why:


Surbhi, or Dodo as we like to call her, comes from an ethnic background. Indo-western clothes really bring out her personality and her outlook. Pairing a kurta with a Palazzo/Cigarette Pants gives the outfit the modern touch with a pinch of tradition. This outfit feels like home for her. As she is all about her accessories, a pair of earrings, watch and some wedges completes the outfit!


Colleague – My college mate, Sebin!

I like long dresses best on Surbhi. She is a person who radiates a lot of positive energy and a long dress complements this trait of her personality.


I must add that I am a novice when it comes to fashion, but to my mind, long dresses are associated with elegance and positivity. Her energy and movements will bring out the best in this flowy dress and turn heads. The asymmetric cut and the calf-length of the dress give it the look of a cape. The pinstripe pattern on the dress adds detail. All in all, Surbhi will grab eyeballs in this dress even when it is not a bright color.


Visit Sebin’s blog where he writes thought pieces and poetry.

Family – My Big Brother, Sagar

Surbhi has a rebelling tomboy side that may seem to have taken the backseat as she’s grown into the woman she is today. But the confidence and joy that she exhibits today has roots in this very version of her – unafraid and unfettered of what’s usual, normal or expected.


As a throwback to her childhood days, I asked her to dress in a simple tee with a pair of shorts and a flannel shirt. The way she carries it makes her come across as sure-footed and ready to take on the world, while still preserving an innocent and fun aura. I feel this is where she’s most connected to both her inner child and her outer lady.

You can listen to Sagar’s music here: http://firkan.in/

My thoughts on the experiment!

Quite frankly, I was amused by the outfit choices. I would have picked every single outfit on any given day – I love them all! What was very surprising to me (it might not be so for you!) was how diverse everyone’s opinions were about me. I do know that a person has a number of traits but to hear them out loud about yourself is refreshing and weird at the same time :)

If you had the choice, what outfit would you choose for me? And, would you let others pick an outfit for you? Maybe I can be one of those people, if you don’t mind :)