I remember, before the word “mall” entered my vocabulary, my Maa used to take me out for shopping to our local market. Beaming with colors and people, I used to eagerly wait for these trips. The market was like a Wonderland – it had every imaginable product I could wish for!

As I grew up, the frequency of these trips went down and so did my interest. I was introduced to the world of malls and there was no looking back for me for a long time! I had found a new, bigger and brighter Wonderland.

However, a few months ago I found myself going back to my local market and reinvented the place. I was amazed by the variety the shops had to offer. Plus, the prices were extremely affordable!

Here are the things I got from a recent trip :)

Bought the most comfortable shrug ever just for Rs 400! I can already imagine a number of ways to style this shrug. I think I might even wear it with my pyjamas :P

Perfect summer kurti when you are running errands all day! I added some big dangling earrings and a chunky bracelet to lift up the outfit. And can you believe this kurti was only for Rs. 250?!?!

Another kurti when you are not in the mood to actually put effort in dressing up! Add some boho earrings and an anklet and you’re good to go! This is yet another piece for Rs. 250 only (My wallet is thanking me right now!)

I love how both the kurtis are loose and flowy – I am not a very big fan of tight, fitting clothes and these kurtis are perfect for my day-to-day!


Final two purchases from my shopping trip – The perfect boho shrug and a tank top to beat this summer!

I have been wearing this shrug every single day since the day I bought it – I wore it with dresses, jeans and top and with shorts as seen here! This pale pink tank top is the perfect summer top. You can dress it up by adding some chunky necklace, bangles and a pair of heels.

The shrug was priced at Rs 400 and the top for Rs 300! (I can hear my wallet doing the happy dance right now!)

I also purchased a bunch of stud earrings (all under Rs 20!).

Going shopping? Here are few things to remember!

  • Always carry a shopping bag with you to avoid plastic bags.
  • Wear your most comfortable outfit and shoes since local markets are usually quite spread out.
  • Bargain, bargain, bargain – The shopkeepers in these markets will usually let you bargain!
  • Just have fun! Enjoy the street food and explore the market as much as you can :)

Have you ever been to your local market? I would love to come to your city and shop with you :)