First of all, thank you for all the love on my last blog post. So many of you reached out to me and shared wonderful insights and opinions about the idea of slow fashion. It’s good to know we are getting curious and asking the right questions about fashion. During one of these discussions, a friend of mine asked me about the staple items I carry in my wardrobe. And this got me thinking! Truth be told, I’ve never had any essentials in my wardrobe but, I have tried based on what magazines, blog posts and interviews told me over the years.

The list goes something like:

  1. A well-fitted blue jeans
  2. A crisp white shirt/t-shirt
  3. A pair of nude heels
  4. A little black dress or a cocktail dress
  5. A well-fitted blazer (this is quite a recent addition in last few years)

While the list works quite well to create a few looks without adding too many items, it can be quite the task to find the ones that suit your taste and style. Personally, the only thing I wanted from that list was a pair of nude heels and took me almost a year to find the ones I was comfortable in.

I am not a fan of black (I know you are screaming at your screen right not but I just don’t like it!). But going through these magazines and interviews, I truly believed I NEEDED a good black dress for all those college parties. Half-heartedly, I have worn a few of those over the years but I could never figure out why I didn’t like them. But, I know now that all I wanted to wear was a rainbow-coloured dress with pockets to every one of those occasions. I just did not think that it was the event appropriate outfit. You might say – “Duh Surbhi! Wear whatever you want!” I know that but when you read the same things over and over again from every direction, they almost become rules of the game.

That being said, I do see the good in having essentials that you are going to use time and time again and I believe that this list should reflect your true personality and style, instead of following a template (if, however, the template works for you, I say go for it!).

Here is my list of essentials that I have created over the years. This does not include specific clothing items but a general rule of thumb I follow :)

  1. Do I already have something similar that I can use instead of buying a new one? If the new only has a few changes in terms of design, cut or style, I’d rather use the one I already have.
  2. How many ways can I style it? That’s an obvious one!
  3. Can I wear it all-year round? Layering is always a good way to reuse your summer clothing in winter :)
  4. If it’s for a specific occasion, can I borrow an outfit from a friend or sibling? I’m definitely lucky to have people who do not mind lending me their clothes. If you do borrow from someone, handling it carefully and returning it in the same condition is definitely a must!
  5. And of course, the quality of the cloth. Quality over quantity, always!

I think small but significant changes like these really help to explore your style and create a wardrobe that you love. And that’s why, I do hope you create your own list and have some fun with it!

I would love to read some of the essentials you carry in your wardrobe (could be clothing items or pointers like mine) and if it has influenced your viewpoint towards fashion and personal style.

xx Surbhi